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Are You Taking Inspired Action Or Being Led By Ego? Take the quiz!

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Positive Thoughts + Constructive Emotions
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‘This sounds great’, I hear you say ‘but what is inspired action and how do I know if I am pursuing it?’

Inspired action is when you move in alignment with your true nature. It is founded in inspiration and not fear. You are taking inspired action when you are working with what is in your control and letting go of the rest.

Every step feels good and you enjoy the process, even when it is taking a long time to see an outcome. When you take inspired action, everything flows naturally.

When you are struggling or pushing to make something happen, this is ego-based action (click for more information on the ego).

Ego-based action is when you are fighting to take control of a situation but can’t seem to make any progress. It is founded in fear or ego and does not feel enjoyable. When you take ego-based action, it doesn’t flow easily.

When I look at past decisions I can see the times inspired action fuelled my behaviour. They happened impulsively without much time to worry about the ‘what if’s’. Sometimes I would have an idea brewing for a while (such as this blog!) and then BAM – I wake up one morning and have to start now!

The opposite of this is when I feel obligated to start a project. An example from my past is trying to lose weight. I felt I should lose weight so I set a date to start dieting. I researched, planned and bought the latest exercise contraption. I used sheer will power to push myself through a week or two and then gave up. I was not enjoying myself and it was too hard.

When I used inspired action to lose weight, the process felt entirely different and the weight fell off. I didn’t have to force myself to stick to a ridiculous diet and didn’t need to spend lots of money on the latest dieting fad!

What are the characteristics of inspired action?

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    It is impulsive and not driven by ego.

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    It feels right, even though it seems crazy and makes no sense to other people.

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    It is energising. It doesn’t feel like work or sacrifice.

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    Everything falls into place without much effort.

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    It happens naturally. Unexpected but welcome opportunities suddenly arise.

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    You don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle but start anyway. You let go of trying to control everything and allow opportunities to find you

What are the characteristics of ego-based action?

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    It is primarily fear based. Action is normally taken because you are fearful of something in the past, present or future.

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    You spend lots of time trying to work out WHAT to do. You research, take notes, and make lists. The more information you gather the more confused you get.

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    Action feels overwhelming. There feels like too much to do.

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    You can’t start until you have a fully detailed action plan. You need to control everything to feel safe.

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    It feels like hard work. You find it difficult to stay motivated.

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    You continually hit obstacles.

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    It is forced. You are continually pushing to make things happen.

Now look back on your life and think of a time you took ego-based action. Where did it lead you?

How about a time you took inspired action? What happened?

Which one do you prefer?

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