Secret To Happiness

The Secret To Happiness That Successful People Know

In Happiness by Kate J Parker

Let me tell you a secret to happiness that successful people know. Abundance is a state of mind. You can choose to have a life full of abundance.

There are two ways we can view life. We can be victims to life and view the world through a lens of ‘lack’ or ‘not enough’. Or we can be creators in our own lives and view the world through a lens of ‘abundance’ and ‘prosperity’.

If you choose the belief that ‘there is not enough’; that is how you will experience life. You will approach every situation with a negative attitude and expect that something will be wrong. You will continuously attract situations where you are struggling and unhappy.

If you choose the belief that you are abundant; that is how you will experience life. You will see the positive in every situation and feel abundant in all parts of your life. This attitude is self-fulfilling and you will attract prosperity and positivity with everything you do.

I used to believe there was never enough. The stories I created were founded from lack beliefs:

‘Lack of money’. I was always broke.
‘Lack of time’. I never had enough time to do the things I enjoyed.
‘Lack of affection’. I never received enough affection from my husband.
‘Lack of respect’. I felt I wasn’t respected enough at work.
‘Lack of opportunity’. I never had a chance to fulfil my desires.

In believing these stories, I attracted situations that reflected my lack beliefs. These situations then strengthened my beliefs that there was never enough. It was a viscous circle of my beliefs and external reality strengthening each other.

It was a viscous circle of my beliefs and external reality strengthening each other.

Fast forward five years and my life is abundant and fulfilling. Nothing major has changed externally, however internally I have had a dramatic change on my outlook towards life.


I have plenty of money for what I need
Have all the time I need to do what I enjoy
Receive an abundance of affection from my husband, kids, family and friends
Receive respect from people all over the world who respond to my writing
Have limitless opportunities. I can create whatever inspires me.

Below are the secret to happiness in six simple steps:


One day I walked into my local shopping centre and noticed abundance everywhere. No matter where I looked there was food, clothes, shoes, entertainment, anything I could want! It suddenly dawned on me that I am surrounded by abundance.

I realised that I didn’t need to own something to feel satisfied. For example, if I like the look of a car, I can enjoy looking at one as it drives by. I don’t need to own it to feel good about it.

Later, I noticed the beauty of a majestic tree. I became aware of the abundance in nature: the fresh vegetables growing in my garden, the trees that provide shade, the ocean that cools me down on a hot day. Once again, I don’t need to own nature to feel it’s abundance.

As the weeks passed and I continued to explore this epiphany, I noticed a change in myself. I no longer desired material possessions as much. I used to go to the shops just to look around. I found window shopping and desiring things a pleasurable experience.

Now that just seems silly. Why would I want to waste my time looking at things I don’t need and that won’t make me a better person for owning? Now I only go shopping when I need to buy something.

This appreciation of the abundance around me was life altering. I now teach my daughter that she doesn’t need to own things to appreciate them. For example, If she sees a flower she likes, I encourage her to look and enjoy, without picking it. The act of picking a flower is her way of taking ownership. She doesn’t need to own the flower to feel its beauty.


I was seeking more affection from my husband and was feeling annoyed that he didn’t automatically give me what I needed. Because I was feeling annoyed, I would then withdraw my affection towards him.

I soon realised how silly this was. If I wanted more affection in my relationship, I had to give it first. Once I opened up and gave affection, I started receiving more.

Next I experimented with money, my time, recognition and appreciation. Whatever I gave away, came back to me magnified. The trick is to do it with an open heart and without apprehension, expectation or fear.


I use this metaphorically (I don’t really think that things are physically chasing me!).

Previously when I wanted something, I put myself in a needy position. I would make myself a victim, reeking of desperation.

Now when I desire something in my life, I imagine it desperately chasing me.I then open myself up to receiving it.

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Your beliefs will impact significantly on your thought processes and perceptions. You may be aware of some of your beliefs. For example, the belief that ‘there is never enough’ is a common one that many people carry and keeps us stuck in situations where we struggle.

I use affirmations daily to re-program my lack beliefs. My favourite affirmations are:

I am grateful for the abundance in my life
I have what I need when I need it
I am surrounded by abundance and prosperity
I deserve abundance and prosperity
There is always plenty
I live an abundant life


It is natural to label circumstances, events and occurrences as good or bad. However, things can’t be good or bad – they are just things that happen. It is our mind that is judging the experience by viewing through a lack belief or an abundance belief.

When things happen in my life, I try not to label them. Instead I just accept the current moment as it is. When I experience an unpleasant situation, I use it as a learning experience instead of creating new lack beliefs.


I acknowledge and appreciate everything that is in my life, and comes into my life. By showing gratitude, I am opening myself up to receive more. Most importantly, I notice the abundance already around me.

Insert a ‘dose of gratitude’ into your life and experience the magic of an attitude of gratitude. Click here for more information.

By making these six small changes, I was able to transform my life from one of unrequited wants, to a life full of abundance, prosperity and happiness. I uncovered the secret to happiness.

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