51 Ideas for random act of kindness.

Random Act of Kindness Ideas

In Gratitude by Kate J Parker

Never underestimate the impact of a random act of kindness.

Not only does it help the people receiving our kindness, it also improves our overall well-being and level of happiness.

There are seven reasons why I LOVE giving random acts of kindness:

1. It is usually free.
2. It feels good to give kindness.
3. It feels good to receive kindness.
4. It is totally within our control to give kindness.
5. It connects us to other’s and breaks down barriers.
6. It is contagious. One act or kindness is usually paid forward.
7. One random act of kindness contributes to a better world for all of us.

The bigger picture is that we begin to recognise how our personal behaviour affects others. This level of awareness creates long term positive changes in how we relate to the world.

51 Random Act of Kindness:

1. Smile at a stranger
2. Give someone a genuine compliment
3. Cook a meal for a friend
4. Buy a coffee for the person behind you at the café
5. Say something nice about someone who others are gossiping about
6. Ask a homeless person “How are you today?”
7. Every time you buy a new piece of clothing, donate an older piece to charity
8. Give household items to the women’s refuge to help people starting again
9. Listen intently to what someone says
10. Write a nice letter to someone who has had a positive impact on your life
11. Leave a great tip to a service worker
12. Help someone who is in distress or is struggling
13. Let a car merge in front of you
14. Talk to the shy person in a social situation
15. Give away free things on a ‘pay it forward’ Facebook page for your local area
16. Provide morning tea for your work colleagues
17. Pick up discarded rubbish in public places
18. Give someone a big meaningful hug
19. Put a sticky note with a kind message inside your children’s lunch box
20. Help an elderly person carry their shopping
21. Give thanks to a colleague for the great work they do
22. Make your partner breakfast in bed
23. Offer to babysit and give a friend a well-deserved break
24. Volunteer for social activities at a local nursing home
25. Hold the elevator door open for someone
26. Say thank you to the cleaner at work
27. Give your seat to someone in need on the train
28. Plant a tree
29. Don’t judge people, send them compassion instead
30. Talk to a stranger when lining up
31. Take out your neighbours rubbish bin
32. Hold your tongue when mad, agitated or doubtful
33. Hold the door open for the person behind you
34. Say ‘thank you’ more often
35. When you ask ‘how are you’, actively listen to the response
36. Buy a lotto ticket and give it to a stranger
37. Mow your neighbour’s lawn when you do yours
38. Take a friend out on a date
39. Offer a drink to the tradesperson working at your house
40. Do the household chores your partner normally does
41. Offer to take a picture for tourists
42. Give directions when someone appears lost
43. Mentor someone in something you are talented in
44. Give a welcome gift to a new neighbour
45. Donate blood
46. Tell your parents you love them
47. Praise a child to their parents
48. Sign up to be an organ donor
49. Say something nice to someone you dislike
50. Help someone who’s car has broken down
51. Send a note to someone you love and tell them how important they are to you

I challenge you to pick one a day for the next 51 days and take notice of how your overall well-being improves.

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