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New Year’s Resolutions – Statistics Say You Will Fail. What Works Instead?

In Happiness by Kate J Parker

Why do we set New Year’s resolutions? Especially as statistics show that 92% of us will fail?

And in fact, 60% of us will recycle last year’s resolutions because we failed to achieve them. Most people use the same New Year’s resolutions for five years before achieving success or giving up completely.

If you analyse what drives you to seek change, I bet it is because you want to feel happy and content. Ultimately, our New Year’s resolutions are about creating more happiness! Yet by setting resolutions, and then failing to achieve them, the outcome is the opposite to what we want – we feel defeated and unhappy.

The problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we focus on accumulating more. We believe if we have more stuff, experience more things, or achieve greater success we will be happy.

Yet – it never works.

We set ambitious goals and fail to achieve them year after year. OR, we do finally achieve them (after five or so years) and the satisfaction is short lived. It doesn’t create lasting happiness so we must find something new to chase after.

After years of beating myself up for failing to achieve New Year’s resolutions, and constantly feeling unsatisfied with life, I discovered a BIG secret.

Creating lasting happiness isn’t about accumulation, it is about creating satisfaction.

So, I stopped setting goals.

Yes – I went from being a chronic over-achiever to giving up on goals all together. Instead, I worked out how to be happy with my life just the way it was.

Nothing changed in my life externally, yet I had a massive internal shift in perception. I started feeling joyful and content more than I felt stressed or under-fulfilled.

And an amazing thing happened:

Those New Year’s resolutions I spent years chasing, suddenly manifested easily and effortlessly.

The people, resources, and opportunities I needed turned up unexpectedly. Everything flowed naturally. For the first time I didn’t have a step by step action plan, yet all the pieces came together intuitively.

So, by ditching the goals, I achieved what I wanted. Even better, I feel content and don’t seek happiness anymore.

So how did I transform my life?

I want to share my secret so you can create happiness too. So, I put it all together in a FREE 10 day mini-course called ‘The Happiness Resolution’. Click here for more information.

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