Love My Detour

# Love My Detour – Surviving Depression

In Mindfulness by Kate J Parker

This post is part of the Why Not Wednesday feature for Amy Oestreicher’s # Love My Detour movement, celebrating the “beautiful detours” that unite us all. Are you a Detourist? Learn what a Detourist is here, and share your story here. Together we’re stronger

My name is Kate J Parker and I am a detourist.

When I was 27 years old I appeared to have everything worked out. I had a carefully prepared life plan and knew where I was going, With a husband of four years, a beautiful house, a sports car, and a high-flying career with a six figure salary; everything was perfect. Or was it?

Hidden beneath the still surface was a swarm of secrets I had kept from everyone. I appeared confident and fortunate, but inside I felt worthless and fake. I accumulated success as a way to like myself. But, the more I achieved, the more I felt like an imposter who was living inside someone else’s skin.

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