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Happiness Hack: 10 Ways To Create Lasting Happiness

In Happiness by Kate J Parker

Not only is happiness an emotion, it is a skill that can be learned and refined.

You can feel happy, regardless of the current state of your life. Happiness isn’t something you may find in the future when your dream life manifests. It is something you can, and should feel now!

Have a look at these 10 happiness hacks, then join the FREE ‘Happiness Resolution Challenge’ and learn how to successfully implement them.

  1.  Forgive yourself for past mistakes
  2. Forgive others for past grievances
  3. Do a lifestyle audit and discover what to stop, start and continue
  4. Identify the stories you’ve created and replace with healthy beliefs
  5. Learn to let go of control
  6. Give up on judging people and situations
  7. Discover the abundance already in life
  8. Slow down and live in the moment
  9. Design your life with a personal happiness plan
  10. Accept you are an AMAZING person with an AWESOME life

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