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Happiness Checklist: 45 Minutes A Day To A Happier You

In Happiness by Kate J Parker

Happiness is a skill that can be learned and refined. This happiness checklist is designed to make focusing on happiness a habit so you can refine this skill to perfection.

I know from experience that creating a happy life has nothing to do with material possessions or big bank account balances.

It is all about appreciating the abundance already in our lives and having healthy thoughts and beliefs.

This is not to say you don’t deserve a big bank account balance. But having lots of money will not make you happy if you have a negative and judgemental mindset.

On the flip side, by feeling genuine happiness and gratitude, opportunities you never thought possible will appear. The likelihood of attracting more material possessions and a big bank account will increase.

The thing is – you won’t need those things to maintain your lasting happiness!

This checklist can be done in 45 minutes a day. The trick is to not beat yourself up if you don’t get around to everything every day.

Do the best you can and keep focusing on the awesomeness already in your life.

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Start The Day With A Visualisation

Close your eyes and visualise a day in your ideal life. Imagine where you are living, what you are doing, the people in your life, how you feel and what you smell.

The reason for this is that we attract the circumstances and experiences that correspond with our thoughts and beliefs. By actively visualising what we want, and engaging our emotions and senses, we are setting our vibration to attract these experiences.

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Take Inspired Action

Do something inspiring and productive each day that propels you forward or clears unnecessary baggage from your thoughts or life.

This could be a simple as clearing out the junk from your bottom draw to as big as committing to a an action that could bring your dream alive!

Say Affirmations

The first step is to notice your sloppy thoughts.

These are the unconscious thoughts that pop into your mind that are negative or unproductive. Things such as:

“You are not good enough”
“You will always be poor”
“There is never enough”

It requires commitment to notice your thinking during those moments when your thoughts are automatic.

But when you notice a sloppy thought. STOP, and say an affirmation that counteracts that thought. Repeat that affirmation as many times as you can.

These are my favourite affirmations:

• I radiate love for myself and others
• I accept myself just the way I am
• I deserve goodness in my life
• I am full of gratitude for my life
• I am worthy and valuable
• I attract abundance
• I am cared for and protected
• I open myself up to all good things
• I am surrounded by abundance
• I honour and care for my body, mind and soul
• I attract positive experiences
• I choose to feel happy
• My smile radiates positive energy and happiness

Notice Your Breathing Throughout The Day

At least three times a day, STOP. Take three deep breaths and notice what is happening within and around you at that moment.

The noises, sights, feelings, and emotions.

This is all about living in the present moment and being connected to the now!

Our mind likes to focus on the past or the future and struggles to stay in the present moment. Yet it is NOW, in this moment that happiness is created.

By focussing on breathing, you bring yourself into the present moment where everything is created.

An Act Of Self-Care

Be kind to yourself. We are our own worst enemies when it comes to our happiness. We need to nurture and care for ourselves.

Do one thing each day that is good for your soul. This could be a walk on the beach, a soak on the bath, writing in your journal, or spending 5 minutes a day reading an inspiring book.

Do something that makes your soul sing!

One Act Of Kindness

What you give away comes back to you.

Kindness is like a snowball. One unselfish act encourages another unselfish act. This cycle continues to snowball into something magnificent.

Most importantly, kindness is good for your soul. It releases endorphins and makes you feel happier!

One Act Of Forgiveness

How many grievances do you hold against others, yourself and even circumstances (do you ever get angry at a traffic jam!).

Each day identify one grievance you are harbouring and let it go. In all honesty, does it really matter?

The only person it is hurting by holding onto it is you!

Watch Your Words

Just like your thoughts, your words shape your reality. What you focus on you create.

Catch any words before you speak them that are judgemental, negative, or unproductive.

If your words are not going to bring about positive change, then speaking them only damages yourself and those around you.


I don’t think anything more needs to be said about this one!

Except one thing. Sometimes we need to fake it until we make it!

Finish the day with showing gratitude

End each day by reflecting on the abundance already in your life. Write down what you are grateful for from that day.

For more information on gratitude, read this article on ‘Practicing Gratitude’.

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