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Goal Setting: Are Your Goals Creating Happiness?

In Happiness by Kate J Parker

Stop for a moment and think about your active goals. Is pursuing these goals creating happiness? Or is goal setting creating frustration, disappointment, anxiety, melancholy, self-doubt or even stress?

Goal setting is promoted as a ‘must do’ activity in many self-help circles to create your ‘dream life’. The problem with goal setting is that it can have the opposite effect to its intention.

By focusing on achieving something in the future, it can actually reduce our quality of life if we invest our happiness in its fruition.

When broken down to its true purpose, we set goals to create happiness. Yet, by setting goals we fail to recognise that happiness can be found in the present moment, and not exclusively at some future destination.

I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t set goals, or that we should accept mediocracy or a situation that is causing us pain. Sometimes we are motivated to seek change because we feel inspired or because we are facing difficulties. Goals can be a productive way to set a new direction and focus on what we truly want.

The problem is that we invest our happiness with achievement. We believe we will be happy when we achieve whatever we are seeking.

Life isn’t about the destination, it is all about the journey.

So how about considering this: instead of just focussing on achieving goals, look at how happiness can be created in your current circumstance. Find ways to enjoy and be grateful for your life just the way it is.

The thing is, you are already awesome with an amazing life. Think about all the amazing people, experiences, possessions, and activities currently in your life.

Sometimes when we are trying to change a situation we focus on what we don’t have or don’t want. By focusing on ‘lack’ we make ourselves miserable.

Imagine what could happen if you changed your focus to appreciate the good already in your life?

I have a suggestion for you. How about you put aside goal setting for 10 days and instead focus on magnifying the happiness in your current circumstances?

Lucky for your I have just the tool to help you with this. It is called the ‘The Happiness Resolution Challenge’.

You will receive a workbook that will analyse your current life and work out what you need to stop, start, and continue. To support the workbook, 10 days of lessons will be emailed to you that will focus on leveraging your current reality to create happiness.

At the end of the 10 days you can go back to following your goals. The difference will be that you will enjoy every step in the process because you will feel happiness, gratitude, and contentment for the life you are already living!

…………. And I have a feeling something magical will happen. Once you start being happy in the present moment, those goals will start to come true easier than expected!

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