Find the Christmas Spirit

Finding The Christmas Spirit. 25 Days Of Christmas Cheer

In c by Kate J Parker

25 Days to Christmas Cheer

When we grow up and become fully fledged adults, sometimes the Christmas spirit disappears. Once Santa stops visiting, the spirit of Christmas Day moves on.

Until recently I had become a Christmas Grinch. For nearly 10 years I found it difficult to find the Christmas spirit. Christmas was a chore, something to endure. I didn’t feel joyous while crushed in the dreaded Christmas shopping crowds; or stressing with the pressure of finding the perfect present for the Secret Santa. I especially dreaded the politics surrounding who to spend Christmas day with. Christmas was hectic and painful.

This has now changed. I am looking forward to the festive season and need to temper my Christmas spirit or I would have the tree up in October! A big change for me is having children. When you share Christmas with little people, their excitement is contagious. I now immerse myself in Christmas activities and milk every second of the festivities.

To help you find your Christmas spirit, I have compiled a list of 25 Christmas activities to find the Christmas Spirit. You will find it difficult to be the Christmas Grinch if you fill your December days with these fun Christmas ideas.

25 Ways To Find The Christmas Spirit

1. Decorate your Christmas tree with family or close friends. Make it a fun event

2. Use an Advent Calendar to count down the days to Christmas

3. Volunteer at a Christmas appeal

4. Take fruit mince pies to work and share with your colleagues for morning tea

5. Watch a classic Christmas movie

6. Listen to Christmas carols in the car during December

7. Take your kids (or nieces and nephews) to see Santa. They have displays set up in most major shopping centres in December

8. Go to your local ‘Carols By Candlelight’

9. Get a special present for someone you care about. To make it extra special, try making something instead of buying

10. Give a present to someone in need

11. Go for a walk in the early evening and look at the Christmas lights in your local neighbourhood

12. Participate in (or organise) a Secret Santa

13. Send Christmas cards to relatives, friends, and colleagues

14. Make a Christmas decoration. Have a look at this Pinterest board for great ideas

15. Greet everyone you see during the week leading to Christmas with ‘Merry Christmas’

16. Go to a Christmas party

17. Go Christmas shopping and soak up the atmosphere (and yes – the crowds are part of the atmosphere!)

18. Go watch a nativity play

19. Go to a Christmas church service

20. Go visit residents at a local nursing home

21. Go ice skating

22. Purchase a special Christmas day outfit (or dress up as Santa Claus if you are game!)

23. Bake Christmas cookies or fruit mince pies

24. Leave cookies and milk out for Santa on Christmas Eve

25. Spend Christmas day enjoying the company of family and friends

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