Are you a fellow dreamer, happiness junkie or awesomeness seeker?

My name is Kate J Parker and I have gone from barely FUNCTIONING to now FLOURISHING!

I am passionate about helping you find clarity and purpose so you can live life in a meaningful way.

In a nutshell, I want to help you find sustainable happiness.

Self improvement starts when:
what we ARE,
what we HAVE,
and what we are DOING,
no longer brings contentment and satisfaction.

I hit rock bottom before I started this eventful (and on-going) journey to live my life with balance, authenticity, and passion.

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Hi, It’s Me!

VivaLaMe emerged from my original blog ‘My Naked Ego’, which documented my journey to mindful living.

I always struggled with life and this made me curious as to why:

  • Some people succeed and some struggle?
  • Some people are happy and others miserable?
  • Some people are prosperous and others failing?
  • Some people are lucky and others unfortunate?

Discovering the answers to these questions led to the formation of Viva La Me. A place where I could share the secrets to living a meaningful life and experience prosperity and fulfilment.

I am not proclaiming to be ‘perfect’. Who is?

I am on this journey for life and will continue to grow and learn. I share with you my mistakes, successes, opportunities, struggles, and tips and tricks. By sharing my lessons, I hope you will learn a thing or two along the way!

I don’t have the answers to your problems. YOU are the only person who can resolve your struggles. What I can do is guide you to find your own answers.

So What Makes Me Qualified To Write About This Stuff?

Good question!

I combine my 15 years’ experience in human resources, with my passion for holistic and mindful living to write about self-improvement, personal development and all things happiness!

On top of this, I am a student of life. I have overcome countless obstacles and challenges and continue to live my passions and follow my dreams. Click here to read my story.

I have a post graduate degree in business, a certificate in life coaching and I am a certified Neuro-Linguistics Practitioner. I have completed countless vocational courses focussing on cognitive behavioural therapy, metaphysics and personal development.

You can also find me at Grow My Career where I support women to find career bliss, Find out more here.

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Some quirky facts about me:

  • Connector.

    Fact # One

    I love music (especially 90’s rock) but have never been to a concert.

  • Connector.

    Fact # Two

    When I laugh too hard I make a snorting noise. This is a family trait that many of my relatives suffer with as well!

  • Connector.

    Fact # Three

    I have a office full of manuscripts, short stories, journals and research. I am passionate about writing. It clears my head and makes me feel connected to my true purpose.

Want to get to know me even better?

• I am fast approaching 40 years old but still feel 25!

• I have two young daughters, a husband, a dog, and a fish

• I live in sunny Western Australia near beautiful golden beaches

• I love a clean and tidy house but I HATE housework

• I lived in Greenwich, London during my 20’s and consider the UK my second home

• I always have a project on the go. I hate not being able to use my brain

• My husband owns and runs a local trades business. We both love working for ourselves

• I can move my little toes independent of the others (apparently, this is unique although it is normal for me!)

• I am an introvert and feel most comfortable communicating through my writing (but still scared what people might think of it!)

• I love coffee and nice wine. I sometimes get confused mid-afternoon when it is too late for a coffee but too early for a wine!

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